NOT WITHOUT MY VEIL: Amongst the Women of Oman


The Western view of the Islamic woman is that she is oppressed and confined. This film on the women of Oman shows a different reality. It introduces us to educated, independent women who dress in the traditional way, yet are moving into new areas for women. Dagmar Taylor – Al Busaidy, who spent her formative years in England, moved back to Oman in 1976 when the new Sultan was ushering in changes. She remembers that when she dressed in Western clothes she was an object of curiosity and had difficulty pursuing her goals. Once she donned the veil, she was free to pursue her vocational interests. Favziya Al-Kindy’s father made certain that his daughter was given as good an education as his sons. As a result, she was able to attain a high professional status as an economist in the banking industry. She asserts that women of talent are now given ample opportunity in Oman. Other women have made careers as heads of banks, pilots and doctors. They wear the veil as a symbol of their origins; it does not compromise their strength.

Director: Mia Gröndahl, produced for SVT Malmö, 1993.

Running time: 29 min

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